Bitmaps (alt+B) => Creative (V) => Paticles (P) => Style (alt+S) =>
Bubbles (alt+B => Space) =>
Angle (alt+A) 180 =>
Size (alt+Z): 10
Density (alt+D): 5
Coloration (alt+C): 50
Transparency (alt+T):4 => Ok

This is Madura's singer have a name Ulfatun Nabila, with Madura's lyric who combination with "Sholawat" be a separate individuality (ciri khas tersendiri). And very Islamic in every her lyrics which warbled, always praising Allah Subhana Huwa Ta'ala

I thinks it's a so good idea for to move thrive Madura at a specifically and our country at a generally. This Islam’s music group there is in the regency which very rich with art and culture, Sumenep, Madura. And the birth place of International poet, he is a D. Zawawi Imron

Design Composition;
For the first time in this design I use Adobe Photoshop 7.0 with specification;
1. Magic Wand Tool (W) = Cutter original's back round
2. Back round Eraser Tool (E) = For refining yield cutting
3. Create New Layer = Make a new Layer special for back round
4. Gradient Tool (G) = For giving effect to back round
5. Circular Rainbow = Add a rainbow's effect to yield basting from Gradient Tool (G)

I take this picture from Vista Wallpaper
As usually I use Corel Draw 09.
Bitmaps (alt+B) > Creative (V) > Vortex... (X) >
Style: Layered
Size: 25
Inner Direction: 184
Outer Direction: 183